Dante Alexander Payton is Xander P, a hip-hop/soul-based artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Xander P has been making music over the last 15 years, crafting grounded, yet versatile songs inspired by the likes of legendary musicians like Flying Lotus, Lupe Fiasco, and Charles Hamilton. Despite drawing inspiration from these greats, Xander prides himself on carving his own, unique lane; creating soundscapes and word combinations while embracing his humanity and vulnerability, pushing against the social expectations of the world.  

Xander P excels in showing lyrical dexterity over tracks. Songs like “Mexico,” produced by Sean Ross, showcase Xander’s talents as he floats over the bouncy production with melodic, but sharp bars. “Halo” sheds light on Xander’s R&B side as he croons over sultry production provided by DopeBoyzMuzic. “Rose Gold” is self-produced by Xander and features ayeBloke. The track represents Xander’s sound the best as his combination of clever bars and introspective insight shine bright throughout the produced track.  Xander wants the world to know that he is capable of pivoting in any direction, musically. 

Xander’s talents go beyond music; from photography and video to writing stories and screenplays, Xander is more in line with being a storyteller than a rapper or singer. With skillsets in a variety of medium’s Xander is able to bring his vision to light in the purest form, cultivating an aesthetic that is unique to him. Phoenix is beginning to respond to Xander’s efforts as he graced stages and audiences such as the Pot Of Gold Music Festival and the Arizona Hip Hop Festival. As Xander continues to flex his creative muscle the world will continue to unearth his talents. 

With plenty in the works, Xander is only looking to pick up the pace. A remix for “Mexico” featuring upstart rapper, Lamar Cushin, as well as a set of visuals for the track is releasing soon. Xander P has big goals for 2022 with plenty more music, videos, stories and more for fans, old and new to digest.

You can find Xander P on social media at @XanderPMusic on IG and Twitter and Xander P on Facebook. 
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